Innovation & Invention

  • Invented 3 mechanisms and patented under Patent Co-operation Treaty. It is published in the international Gazette.
  • 7 Patents are underway.


Cost / MW :  Least in the industry
Profit / MW :  Highest in the industry
Land occupancy :  Lowest in the industry
Maintenance cost :  Minimum in the industry
Technology :  Best in the industry
Innovation :  Unique in the industry (highest productivity through in-house tracker technology and lowest land requirement/MW)
Engineering :  Optimum in the industry
  • First to introduce saw tooth design structure for roof top (to withstand 200 km/hr wind speed)
  • First to introduce trackers for roof top
  • First to bring 3-axis tracker
  • First to develop a customized tracker design to reduce the area of the land / MW with tracker
  • First to introduce VAWT (Vertical Axis Wind Turbine)