Power Controller

  • EZON uses its own power controller along with SCADA to control the overall production of the solar power plant for the sites which has the connected load lower than the installed capacity of the solar power plant.
  • EZON have suitable solution within our SCADA to control the production.
  • EZON SCADA will monitor and analyze the connected load, real time used loads, energy from utility and energy from solar to control the production process of the solar power plant.
  • EZON SCADA can do - Whenever the customer load gets decreased the solar production will also decrease and match the load requirements. And for the higher load consumption the solar power plant production will be at the peak.
  • EZON Power controller solutions are best suitable for the customers who have no Net Meter facility.

Features of Ezon Solar Power Controller:

  • Real time data collection
  • Best accuracy
  • Quick response and less time delay
  • Best analysing technology