About Ezon Energy Soltuions

EZON is based at Coimbatore, India.
EZON is an innovative, capable, experienced and professional engineering enterprise committed to green energy development. We are solar power developers and integrators for both off-grid and on-grid applications .


  • EZON is promoted by highly qualified and experienced power engineers.
  • EZON has got the best solution for every renewable energy requirement.
  • EZON believes every renewable energy solution needs a custom design to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost.
  • EZON is customer centric and treats every need is unique and need to custom design every solar power requirement for better value for the money.
  • EZON is very well equipped with the procedures and government support for every type of solar power system the customer chooses.
  • EZON ensures the maximum benefit to the customer from all angles.
  • EZON is one of the few companies who offer an end-end solution for the renewable energy requirement
  • EZON not only educates but also empowers the customer to own, maintain and reap the maximum profit from the purchase.