Ezon Energy Solutions (P) Ltd
Ezon Is End-to-End solution provider
solar / micro wind power requirements
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Welcome to Ezon Energy Solutions (P)Ltd

EZON is an innovative, capable, experienced and professional engineering enterprise committed to green energy development.

EZON is a technology company with unmatchable intellectual capital.

EZON is in the field of Renewable energy generation (SOLAR & MICRO WIND POWER SOLUTIONS).

EZON is engaged in the business of installation of solar / micro wind power plants under EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction).

EZON is engaged in the business of supply of solar / micro wind power under long term PPA (Power Purchase Agreement).

EZON is solar / micro wind power developers and integrators for both off-grid and on-grid applications.

EZON is based at Coimbatore, India.

EZON is promoted by

Dr.S.K.Radhakrishnan B.E. (Hons)., M.E.(Mgt)., Ph.D.,

Nearly 4 decades of experience in

  • Technical, management and research areas
  • Product development and production management
  • National and international environment
  • Large, medium and small sectors
  • Government and private sectors
  • Employment and entrepreneurship
  • Industry and academic institutions
  • Startups and well established industries
  • Variety (process/product) & types (plastic/steel/electronics etc.,) of industries




EZON is innovative in every sphere of the solar / micro wind power plant business; be it engineering - design - erection - commissioning - maintenance.



EZON is capable to handle any size of the solar power plant right from consultancy – design – engineering – procurement – erection - commissioning.



EZON is housed with well qualified technical personal to take up any challenging projects with unique specialities.



EZON is well experienced in the business having installed more than 100 installations across India and maintaining them successfully for its best output.